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Customized and Corporate Training

Customized Training:
The reality of today’s working environment is that people are stretched more than ever before. The need to improve job skills coupled with less time has resulted in the need for training options that go beyond a traditional classroom. We develop customized learning courses to suit your goals, participant computing environments and budget.

Corporate Training:
Corporate training programs were created to sharpen or improve the skills of a company’s employees in a centralized and unified manner. Corporate training programs can also be used to train new employees or to implement new systems or processes. While some companies will argue that training costs money and valuable time, training for your employees can be worth all the effort.

First, training can give a new employee the confidence to do their job well. Entering a new job and possibly new responsibilities can be very overwhelming for a person, and can take months for them to understand their role in the company. Training can help ease the stress and can empower them to make decisions and take action if they need to. In addition to empowerment, you are welcoming your new employee and showing them that you want them to be comfortable, knowledgeable, and working at their highest potential.
Corporate training will increase job satisfaction for new employees. Most employees want to do their best, but it’s nearly impossible to do your best when you don’t know what’s expected of you. “Trial by fire” is never a good policy in the office and learning from mistakes can take a toll on your confidence and learning curve.
Corporate training can also lay out expectations of the company or department as a whole. When a new system or process is implemented in a company, there is often confusion with the new process, its purpose and what the change will accomplish. Sometimes just one day of training can help employees understand why the change is necessary and what kind of progress the company is expecting.
Another use for corporate training can be to unify your department or sector. Throughout the years, people will usually learn from their superiors or designated trainers. As people leave the company or advance, a department may have three or four different ways of completing the same project. This can become very difficult when collaborating, because steps can easily be repeated or left out entirely. Setting one process for your department can help improve your internal operations, as there will only be one “right way” and no need for disagreements.
In addition to unifying your company, a learning management system can help capture the existing knowledge in an organization. Known as knowledge transfer, an LMS allows the millions of baby boomers who are now retiring to leave their younger colleagues with their years of knowledge and how-to. This is invaluable to most organizations, since relearning from past mistakes can cost thousands of dollars and could set them back years in advancement.
Good corporate training programs are highly regarded and can give your company a good reputation for investing in its employees. A great reputation will attract a higher standard of employee and your entire company will reap the benefits. Companies that use training programs also see a reduction in turnover, since their employees understand what is expected of them and feel they can better fulfill their responsibilities.
While older training programs included large printed booklets and handouts, there are many more options for online learning now. Using an up-to-date learning management system will help cut costs of training and can even be completed from home or on the road.