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This course would educate students about the excellent approaches to manage infrastructure with the help of Puppet IT automation software, which would help in maximizing the advantages of the Puppet Module Architecture. The aim of this course is to make students deploy basic system configurations with the help of excellent approaches for Puppet in a Master-Client setup.


This course is best suited for experienced Sysadmins, and employees who are already using Puppet.

Course Objectives:

  • Comprehend Puppet Master & Puppet Agent
  • Comprehend Reporting
  • Comprehend Classes and Modules
  • Comprehend Resources
  • Comprehend Language Constructs
  • Comprehend Resource Relationships
  • Comprehend Puppet Enterprise
  • Comprehend Templates and Language
  • Comprehend Defined Resource Types
  • Comprehend Advanced Classes
  • Comprehend Troubleshooting & Excellent Practices
  • Comprehend Puppet Forge
  • Comprehend Live Management


This course has no prerequisites, but to complete the course successfully attendees need to have at least the equivalent experience of a junior Unix/Linux administrator.